If you’re a new mama who needs to regain some sanity in-between all the diaper changes, sleep schedules, and feeding times, I’m throwing a little freebie your way to help make life a little easier. As I was learning how to be a mom to a newborn, I developed one of my favorite products in my shop, the printable Newborn Planning Kit. This solves the problem of baby brain and helps you keep track of everything for your little bundle of joy. Click below to download a free page from this kit, the Daily Newborn Log. This page was my savior in those first few months of mommy hood! 

One page to record the day’s diaper changes, feeding and sleep schedules, other notes, and even a reminder for both you and baby to take any regular medications or vitamins. 

I hope it helps you worry less about your baby’s day-to-day schedule so you can enjoy this sweet season of life!