New Year, New You Collection

Paper + Oats – New Year, New You Collection printable planners
Paper + Oats – New Year, New You Collection printable planners
Paper + Oats – New Year, New You Collection printable planners
Paper + Oats – New Year, New You Collection printable planners
Paper + Oats – New Year, New You Collection printable planners
Paper + Oats – New Year, New You Collection printable planners
Paper + Oats – New Year, New You Collection printable planners
Paper + Oats – New Year, New You Collection printable planners
Paper + Oats – New Year, New You Collection printable planners
Paper + Oats – New Year, New You Collection printable planners

New Year, New You Collection


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This is the ultimate collection to kick off your New Year! Stick to your health goals, keep your busy schedules straight, get your finances on track, and help your family eat and live well with this versatile New Year's collection! This bundled set includes 4 of our most popular editable kits: Calendars + To Do Lists, Budget Planning Kit, Healthy Habits + Wellness Kit, and the Meal Planning Kit. See the lists below for what documents are included. You can also click the links for each set to see more photos. 

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Each kit in this collection is also editable! Blank fields can be filled in using Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader, or Preview. (Existing text in the design cannot be edited.)


• Weekly Schedule / Planner: write out your schedule or tasks for each day of the week, and keep a running list of to-dos on the same page
• Weekly Schedule / Planner, additional layout: a two-page spread including times (5am - midnight) – ideal for binders, or hung side-by-side – allows more room for more appointments, meetings, birthday parties, and whatever else your family is up to this week (perpetual - print for years to come!)
• Monthly Schedule / Planner: perpetual calendars for each month of the year to keep track of important dates and appointments, with space for your monthly to-dos
• Daily Schedule / Planner: keep track of your daily activities all on one sheet (includes space for priorities, to do list, morning/afternoon/evening schedule, to call/email, menu, and to buy
• Master To Do List: keep a running list of all the things you need to get done, with space for additional notes in the sidebar
• Notes: just like it sounds, a full page to record some notes!


• Bill + Bill Payment Tracker: Keep a running list of all your bills, including due dates and amounts owed, plus mark off each month when it has been paid 
• Savings Tracker: Keep a running total of your savings account (s) with info such as date, source, and amount
• Debt + Debt Payment Tracker: Organize all your debts (credit cards, student loans, car loans, mortgage, etc.) on one sheet with type of debt, total due, interest rates, minimum payments, due dates, and payoff goals, so you never miss a payment and continually work towards becoming debt-free
• Checkbook / Spending Register: Account for every penny and write down each transaction, so your budget stays on track
• Monthly Totals (2 pages): Look back on the year with 2 sheets that track your monthly totals for income, expenses, savings, debt, and giving, plus blank spaces for other categories you want to track throughout the year
• Budget Planner / Tracker: Plan out your monthly budget with blank slots for multiple sources of income, a few slots for giving/savings/investing, and lots of room to add in your expenses


• Daily Health Habits Log – a full month on one page; keep track of your daily health routine such as hours of sleep, vitamins/supplements, water intake, calorie intake/burned, plus space to record your weight and other notes
• Health Progress Tracker – track those results you're working so hard for; includes space to record your stats by week (weight, loss/gain, BMI, and basic body measurements); 20 weeks on one page
• Weekly Food Diary – keep record of what you eat throughout your week; includes space for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, plus calories, carbs, protein, and fat for each day; plus a space at the bottom to record your totals and see how well you stuck to the plan this week
• Workout Tracker / Planner – use this sheet to either plan out your workouts in advance or record your workouts after you complete them; includes space for date/time of workout, warm up, cardio, strength, flexibility, and cool down (10 workouts on one page)
• Health + Fitness Goal Planner / Tracker – start your regimen with this simplified sheet to help you make a plan and figure out how you're going to stick to it; includes space for starting stats (weight, BMI, measurements), 3 long-term goals, 6 short-term goals, incentives for milestones, accountability, and motivation


• Weekly Meal Plan (2 layout options): fill in your breakfast, lunch and dinner for every day of the week, and keep a quick running list of extra items you need to grab at the store
• Monthly Meal Plan: keep track of your meals even further in advance with a perpetual monthly calendar with a space for your shopping list
• Grocery List: streamline your grocery shopping with a categorized shopping list based on sections of the grocery store.
• Price-Matching Cheat Sheet: keep all your ads straight without losing your mind or missing a deal, plus a small area to write out which stores' ads to check, so you don't forget any!
• Freezer Inventory: record what items you have in your freezer, and when they expire so none of your frozen items get lost deep in the abyss that is your ice box
• Refrigerator Inventory: keep track of everyday items that need to be kept in stock in your fridge, so no condiment goes unnoticed or expired
• Pantry Inventory: keep record of your dry goods and when to use them by, so you aren't halfway through baking your cake before realizing you're out of flour
• Go-To Meals: keep a running list of your go-to meals for quick ideas of your family's favorite dishes – great for meal planning in a hurry

I'm a designer by day, so all of my printables are created with careful attention to detail and a clear, to-the-point flow of information to help you simplify your life. I combined bright colors, bold typography, and a little tongue-in-cheek wording so your new year can start off on the right foot and keep the momentum all year long.

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