The Digital Product Roadmap: Free Email Course



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Maybe you're like me, and after years of client work, the tight deadlines + constant revisions were getting real old, real fast. So I started incorporating digital products as a new income stream, and they have totally transformed my business. Maybe you're wanting to get a piece of this pie, but you're not quite sure where to start or what to do?

It's cool, I've done the research + experimenting for you, and I've boiled it all down to the 8 checkpoints you need to go through to take your digital product from idea to launch. You'll get an email each day for 8 days that will walk you through:

  • each checkpoint on the roadmap, one by one, and why it's important

  • resources from me to help you dive even deeper at each checkpoint

  • other resources that don't come from me, because community over competition, right?!

  • tools, apps, and programs I regularly use and confidently recommend

  • my favorite: action steps for each checkpoint so you can actually start moving towards your goal. (No, you won't create your entire digital product in 8 days, but you will be taking some kind of action each day, which will keep you motivated + on track to launch this thing in the very near future.)

Did I mention it's FREE? Yep. It's a no-brainer. Signup below to start the roadmap to more freedom, more income, and more people learning new things. 



I’m not gonna lie, this email course is beefy. You’re gonna need to do some work with this thing. This isn’t another subscribe-and-skim-through-it email course. It might even get overwhelming at times, but if you stick with me and follow these steps, you can absolutely create + launch your digital product successfully!


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