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news flash: you can have good design
without giving up your budget or your sanity



Lemme guess...

You have a running list of about 101 things you need to design for your business, but you don't have the time or budget to outsource it, and Microsoft Word + Canva just ain't cuttin' it anymore.

It may be time to take matters into your own hands. (And I’m here to help ya.)


What if I told you there's one tool you could be using to design almost anything you've ever wanted or needed for your business? But it might be the one you've been avoiding: Adobe InDesign.

Well good news, I recently put together a brand new InDesign training for beginners like you who need to learn the software but are afraid that all those menus and buttons might be overkill — it's called the How to Design a Lead Magnet in Less Than an Hour (including promo graphics!).

In this easy-to-follow on-demand video workshop, you’ll get your feet wet with this mysterious program, learn what InDesign is used for, how it works, and how YOU can learn it fast. Signup below, and I'll send you the free InDesign training right now.

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in other news,
I'm a single mom, and
I wrote a book about it.

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