A single mother's candid story of reconciling
a life unexpected and navigating the messy in-between


Strong Girl, Brave Girl by Kelsey Baldwin –

When life-changing pain is coupled with the welcoming of a new story for yourself, the word bittersweet just doesn’t do it justice. You are quite literally in the middle — anchored between where you thought you were headed and where you’re going now. In that uncertain middle space is where this story takes place, and maybe where you find yourself, too. The life I had imagined for myself, the one I was right in the middle of, quickly crumbled around me on a single day as I was faced with a very unexpected looming divorce while staring at an equally-unexpected positive pregnancy test. It wasn’t the way it was supposed to go. With each uncertain transition I went through — divorce, pregnancy, giving birth, moving cities, dating, raising a child without a partner — I clung to what I knew for sure: I was a strong girl and a brave girl, and the middle was not the ending. (Spoiler: that’s why it’s called the middle.)

My story might look really different than yours, but I’m willing to bet you find threads from my messy middle that are also woven into yours.


My first book, Strong Girl, Brave Girl, shares my candid story of becoming a mom while going through a divorce, how I've reconciled a life that was completely unexpected, and my laugh-when-you-should-probably-be-crying way of navigating the messy middle stages of life.


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