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The InDesign Field Guide by Paper + Oats — www.theindesignfieldguide.com

Knowing which program to use for which project can get confusing, so enjoy this free cheat sheet pulled straight from Lesson 1 of The InDesign Field Guide. This cheat sheet explains when to use each program, what their strengths are, and quick reference chart showing some common design projects and which program would best suit each one.

Click below to download this free cheat sheet and start using it right away for your own projects!


The InDesign Field Guide is a self-paced online course that will teach you the tools to start using Adobe InDesign like a pro. 

I'm breaking down the most valuable tools + features into easy-to-follow video tutorials, plus PDF guides + cheatsheets. You'll learn how to layout digital products, books, e-books, style guides, and other PDFs for yourself or your clients; standard typesetting and layout principles; my tips & tricks to work smarter in the software; and how to integrate Photoshop + Illustrator with InDesign to produce professional designs you can be proud to share.

The FREE 6-Day Tour Guide walks you through each lesson in-depth with sneak peeks + freebies so you can get a feel for what the course is really like.