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Lesson 1  —  Discover  

Lesson 1 of Etsy on Autopilot is all about discovery. You'll get a birds-eye-view of the world of digital products as passive income, as well as a brief intro to Etsy as a platform if you're brand new to it. It includes 3 main parts: Introduction to Digital Products, Introduction to Etsy, and Setting Up Your Etsy Shop. Click the videos below to watch each one, plus download the PDF resources to follow along. Included in the resources are two pages you'll especially love – a list of 50 digital product ideas to get your wheels turning and the Lesson 1 Homework. It's actionable, it gives you next steps, and it will lay the foundation for creating your first digital product to sell on Etsy (quite possibly in your sleep). I genuinely hope you learn something from this free lesson, and I hope you'll join me for the full Etsy on Autopilot course available now right here

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