INDFG - Jessica Alonso

This course is one of the best investments I could have ever made for my business. The material is so detailed and so comprehensive and I love that it instantly gave me the opportunity to utilize my knowledge of the program by creating a business guidebook! I definitely know my way around InDesign now and can't believe how many content design opportunities I have been missing by not having knowledge of this program. Y'all, Kelsey is an InDesign wizard and in this course she shares all of her magical secrets. Invest in yourself and your business by taking the InDesign Field Guide and I promise you won't regret it! I can't wait to see where this priceless new knowledge takes me!

Jessica A.

INDFG - Amanda Means

I truly appreciate how thorough you are during the course. As a beginner, I was certainly afraid to approach InDesign, and it wasn't until a friend, who also creates stationery, suggested that it was ESSENTIAL, that I became serious about learning the program. It has already changed my approach to creating documents, and I love how clean and organized my documents are now. This course has certainly made me more comfortable with the "major" programs for the Adobe suite, and for that I am very grateful. As a teacher, I commend you Kelsey on a job well done. This course is worth every penny!

Amanda M.

INDFG - Jennifer Elwell

I went from not having worked in InDesign at all because I was overwhelmed with it to feeling very confident that I can figure out and design anything that I need to. The InDesign Field Guide is one of the most beneficial courses that I have ever purchased. Packed with incredibly useful and practical information, insider tips and tricks, and best practices for design, you get so much more out of the INDFG than just learning InDesign! I feel so much more prepared for the next stages of my business with all of this knowledge and teaching under my belt. I can't wait to implement all that Kelsey taught me to take my business to the next level!

Jennifer E.

INDFG - Tera Lynn Childs

INDFG teaches you everything you need to know to use InDesign to create beautifully styled documents. This class made me feel like an InDesign master! My favorite part was the thoroughness of all the videos and the companion project — I felt like I was actually learning how to apply what I was hearing. I've used the program for years, but I still learned tons of new tools and tricks that will make every document I produce from now on easier, faster, and better.

Tera Lynn C.

INDFG - Tim Matsuda

Being able to "look over your shoulder" to see how you designed pages was awesome. Also the checklists, guides, templates and other PDF's accompanying the videos lessons are super helpful & handy. The Bonus lesson for Adobe Acrobat to make forms was also super helpful. Crash course of InDesign that teaches all the basics to be able to create just about any document. The INDFG is the real deal. Clear instruction, essential checklists, and best of all, hands-on. You get to watch over Kelsey's shoulders as she helps you design your project and you have a useful document in your hands by the end of the course. Kelsey is an awesome teacher. I knew nothing about InDesign before I started, but now I can tackle any project in InDesign. Thanks Kelsey!

Tim M.

INDFG - Sheree Clark

Ahhhmazing! This course allows you to understand InDesign in a way that allows for application and personal benefit right off the bat. Kelsey is thorough, she reiterates keyboard shortcuts, verbalizes EXACTLY what she is doing and keeps her videos short enough to watch in one sitting, but still packed with content. If you have never used ID before in your life (I hadn't), this course will allow you to understand the basics, and then some in a very well thought out way.

Sheree C.

INDFG - Deborah Thompson

The class that you need to leverage your blogging game and start creating digital products as lead magnets and for sale. This course will give you the straight talk on the tools and techniques to create a variety of documents with InDesign. What I loved about this course and what made me purchase was that Kelsey states plainly that not everything in InDesign will be covered. That made my day. I know how huge and powerful the Adobe programs are and I really wanted to steer clear of anything that was going to overwhelm me with TMI. I wanted to get the nitty gritty on how to make lots of stuff with InDesign, but I didn't want to spend the next 6 years doing it! Ah-Mazing course!

Deborah T.

INDFG - Christine Greene

The InDesign Field Guide that Kelsey offers was worth every penny I paid for her insider tips and tricks (for both beginners and veterans alike). The course is extremely organized and clear (including cheat sheets, homework checklists, and videos for visual learners). Although I have completed all of the lessons, because I have open access, I have already begun referring back to both the materials and videos to solidify the information further! I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning this program for use for a new business, working with clients on design projects, or is in the world of publishing. Thank you Kelsey for creating this course, it has definitely given me more confidence working in InDesign!

Christine G.

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