Tera Lynn Childs

INDFG - Tera Lynn Childs

INDFG teaches you everything you need to know to use InDesign to create beautifully styled documents. This class made me feel like an InDesign master! My favorite part was the thoroughness of all the videos and the companion project — I felt like I was actually learning how to apply what I was hearing. I've used the program for years, but I still learned tons of new tools and tricks that will make every document I produce from now on easier, faster, and better.

Tera Lynn C.

EOA - Tera Lynn Childs

This course will teach you everything you need to know to become an Etsy master. Etsy on Autopilot will give you the tips, tricks, and tactics to move your shop to the front of the class. Kelsey offers invaluable insights on everything from opening your shop to providing good customer service and literally everything in between. If you want to rock on Etsy, you need this class!

Tera Lynn C.

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